This section covers the visa options for Americans joining their spouse or partner in the UK. Other countries can apply for the same visa, however, I am American and can most accurately comment on my own experience only.  For all options, your UK partner must be settled, not on a work (Tier 2) visa.

You must also be able to prove your UK sponsor makes over 18,600 GBP/year and has been on this salary for the past 12 months. 


Kindly note, I am not an immigration lawyer and I do not work for any government organization.  

Please make any final decisions based on official advise from UKVI or your lawyer.

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I like to say that I was born in "NY and built in Asia" because at the age of 22 with two suitcases and a degree in Theater Arts I moved from NY to Bangkok.   There I made a niche for myself in the performing arts creating the brands Broadway Babe and Musical Theatre for KIDS. 


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