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How to keep up with opportunities when you are studying in Warwick

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Guest post by Amarjeet S. Mutneja

Ready’ is the word that is likely to draw your attention when you grab Warwick’s 2018 undergraduate prospectus. You might have asked yourself ‘ready for what?’. Well, let me help you answer that question.

In my last one year at Warwick, I have learned that the institution undergoes a volcanic eruption of career events in October to all the way until December and beyond, and this takes most of its new international students by a surprise. If you don’t know what I mean, below is a list of ‘some’ events that took place just in the first few weeks of October.

1.    Autumn Careers Fair

2.    PWC Careers event

3.    Deloitte event – ACE

4.    PWC Management consulting case study

5.    J P Morgan – Step into J P Morgan

6.    Welcome to Entrepreneurship

7.    Bain & Co. Coffee chats

8.    PWC Strategy Coffee

9.    Spring Week Clinics – learn how to make your application stand out 

10.  Warwick Incubator Launch event

11.  Graduate Jobs and Further study options – Chemistry

12.  Bank of America Merill Lynch – Corporate Presentation

13.  How to prepare for the Careers/ Law Fair 

14.  Researching employers – Faculty of Arts students only

15.  BNP Paribas APAC- Live presentation

16.  Morgan Stanley Women’s Skills Session

“How on earth it is possible to keep track of ALL the events?” This is what I get asked by some of the new international students (mostly the ones I had met earlier during my recruitment trip). Unsurprisingly, I tell them that there is no straight answer to that question. However, I think there are ways that can be adopted and resources that can be used effectively to keep oneself abreast of activities and events taking place. Therefore, from best of my knowledge I have compiled below some points which I think might help incoming international students (and home students too) in making sure they are ‘ready’ for the wave of opportunities approaching them, ready to achieve more.

1.      Use University’s own event portal ‘myadvantage’

Warwick has its own event portal called ‘myadvantage’ which is somewhat similar to Monster.com of India. Frankly speaking, this site does what it says. Here you will find almost all events that are taking place inside and outside the university. Regular use of this site will help you keep up to date with some amazing careers and self-developmental events organised by various departments and companies. My favourite one is ‘Selling Your Intercultural Competence to Employers’ because this workshop is designed to explore your comfort zones.

2.      Download the ‘My Warwick’ app

This app brings all the things you subscribe to in one place and gives you a snapshot of your coming days. In addition to providing regular alerts, it can also tell you about upcoming activities which you may have showed interests in. In my view, this is a powerful app which serves as your personal assistance in keeping you up to date with your dairy.

3.      Attend the Societies Fair

Societies fair take place at the start of the academic year. Many of the careers events are organised or are partly hosted by various societies. For example, PWC Strategy and Coffee Chats are organised by Warwick Consulting Society. So if you subscribe to their society or at-least follow their web page, then you are likely to receive updates on events that are being organised by them. Moreover, you become part of a society whose interests are same as yours.

4.      Up skill your networking

This can be a little tough if you are a new student in the university, especially when you are trying to know everyone in your class. There are so many people to meet and so many names to remember! You will find that many of your class mates will have subscribed to events and your interaction with them might just help you know about those events. A short chat over a cup of tea in your halls kitchen or a café can lead to discovering common interests you may have with them.

5.      Use the digital media to your advantage

If you ‘like’ an event on social media, you are now highly likely to be recommended multiple similar events and this can interestingly become your doorway to an array of other events that you were unaware of. For example, I happened to like ‘Step into J.P Morgan’ event, and before I knew, Facebook recommended me a plethora of related events. This immediately opened my eyes to other interesting activities and events taking place, one of them being ‘Welcome to Entrepreneurship’ event which took place in Maths and Statistics building.

6.      Speak to your department

Occasionally your department or school might be organising their own event, in which case it becomes important for you to keep your eyes open to any new colourful posters you spot hanging around the corridors or at the café area. For example, Warwick’s very popular Question Time is hosted by the Department of Economics and Politics and International Studies (PAIS).

I joined Warwick a year ago, and I think I am just only about to learn and understand the character & personality of this University. But I must say that I am surprised every week as there is always something new to learn every day. It could be the new Statistics building which is being built next to the University House, or a new water body with a host of ducklings swimming across the pond. This place is overwhelming and there are so many things happening (big and small) that I don’t envy Warwick students who seemingly try their best to keep up with everything that is happening around them!

So, although it is reasonably challenging to keep up with activities and events that are taking place, I think some of the above points might just help you open up to being ‘ready’ to discover various events around you.

Last but not least, don’t worry too much about it. Remember that the university spends lot of time in providing students all the support they need, and if you get stuck somewhere, don’t hesitate to ask! After all that's what most of our banners say 'Ask questions' !

By Amarjeet S. Mutneja