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Considering Studying in the UK?

Until I moved here, I never considered studying in the UK, but the more I have learnt, the more I realise how beneficial it is!


"Bang for the "buck"

Most UK universities' "overseas fee" is considerably cheaper than the "home student" fees of universities in the USA. Plus, if you are a resident of the UK for more than 3 years, you qualify for "home student" fees and potentially bursaries (depending on your course) which bring down the cost further.

Check your chosen school to see if they have any US-linked scholarships.

Some UK-USA scholarships include: Marshall and Chevening


Most UK undergraduate programmes are only 3 years long* (compared to the USA's 4).

Most postgraduate (Masters) programmes are only 1 year (compared to the USA's 2).

The UK is full of high world-ranking universities including:

  1. Cambridge It's incredibly competitive, but if you fancy feeling like you're on the film-set of Harry Potter every day, this is your pick!

  2. LSE - London School of Economics One of the top schools for both economics and politics

  3. Oxford World-renowned university in Central England.

  4. UCL - University College London The alma mater's of Gandhi and Coldplay

  5. The University of Warwick (pronounced War-ick) A top 10 UK university. It's business programme WBS is top 45 in the world rankings for MBA

*Note: Scotland's UG programmes are 4 years


If you are set on a certain subject but more flexible on the area/school you will want to think:

What kind of campus are you looking for?

  • City campus? BCU, LSE, UCL, University of Manchester

  • Modern? LSE, University of Warwick

  • Seaside? Aberystwyth, Brighton

  • Student town Aberystwyth, Bangor, Canterbury, Durham, Exeter, Northampton, Reading

  • Traditional? University of Birmingham, Cambridge, University of Cardiff, University of Nottingham, Oxford

If you are looking for a city campus then what kind of city?

  • Mid-size and centrally located: Birmingham, Cardiff

  • Sprawling mega-city: London

  • Walkable with a strong arts scene: Manchester

Are you after a sports scholarship? If yes, then you may want to look at the universities of :

  • Bath

  • Brunel

  • Kent

  • Manchester

  • Nottingham



To get into university in the UK you will have to show that you have at least passed your GCSEs (grade A*-C) in English, Maths (the UK calls "Math","Maths"), and Science.

You can submit your high school diploma and transcripts, but because each US State has different qualifications, the clearest way to show UK equivalency, (especially if you have not been in school for some time) is to pay for a "Statement of Comparability" from UK NARIC (National Recognition Information Centre). I did this and it helps speed up the application process, especially if you are applying for a course such as a PGCE (teaching qualification).

UK Bachelor programmes are recognised back home in the USA, but be careful if applying for programmes related to teaching, law, or medicine. ​​


  • Unlike the USA, the UK really wants you to choose your major from day one and there is much less freedom to do a "Liberal Arts" course.

  • Unlike in the USA, you will have to buy very few books. Most University libraries are well stocked and allow you to take out books for long periods of time.

  • For undergraduate programmes, the UK uses an online application system called UCAS. Using this system, students can apply to several universities using one application and one fee. Most performing arts conservatories and teaching programmes, regardless of your level, (UG, PG, PhD), also use UCAS.

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