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Bath, Somerset

Founded by the Romans. Conquered by the Saxons . Not to be missed.


“An old Roman spa town...”

An old Roman spa town, famous today for it's Roman baths and Georgian architecture, Bath, was originally known in Latin as Aquae Sulis ("the waters of Sulis"). During the Medieval times the city became a royal possession and Bath Abbey was erected. During the Elizabethan era the city became known as a spa town again and it's waters were used to treat diseases.

In the Georgian era the beautiful structures of The Circus, Pulteney Bridge and Pump Rooms were built. Then during WW2, Bath experienced intense bombing known as the "Bath Blitz" where more than 19,000 buildings were damaged or destroyed, including some in Queen Square. If you happen to stay at M Gallery on Queen Square (which we do recommend!), part of the building was destroyed during the Bath Blitz.


Whether you have just moved to the UK, have lived here all your life, or are passing through for a few weeks, Bath is not to be missed! I tend to shy away from touristy attractions (and this town is FULL of tourists), but Bath's charm and history make the crowds and tour groups forgivable.

If you have come all the way to Bath, DO NOT MISS the Roman Baths. It is a little bit expensive and the initial price of 16.50GBP/person may be a little off-putting, but honestly, it is worth it.

If you plan to visit other sites, check out the Museum Saver Ticket. Most people also visit the Pump Room for afternoon tea. We didn't, but if you have time and fancy a traditional high tea, we did check the menu and the venue, it is lovely.


“I love fudge, chocolate, and tea. Lucky for me, Bath had a special shop for each”
  • Bath is FULL of cosy cafes, restaurants, and small boutiques. Personally, I love fudge, chocolate, and tea. Lucky for me, Bath had a special shop for each!

  • Fudge Kitchen, located a few steps away from the Roman Baths is a tiny shop but they hand make all of their fudge and demonstrations can be seen on the ground floor.

  • Tea House Emporium Again, a tiny shop but filled from floor to ceiling with tea and beautiful presented in glass jars so that you may test their aroma. When we were there the shop assistant was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. He clearly has a passion for tea!


Honestly, I wouldn't recommend any one restaurant that we went to. They were all good. As there are so many places to try, just take a chance! To receive updates on our latest posts SUBSCRIBE on the main page.