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5 Tips For Submitting Your UKVI Application

Preparing and submitting your application to UKVI can be quite stressful. There is a ton of paperwork to fill out, evidence to include and on top of it, it's expensive!Here are 5 tips for submitting your UKVI application.


This one may seem like "common sense" but I implore you, CHECK every single document you submit and have someone else, with fresh eyes, check it as well. During our process, if I had not asked my partner to read one of the pages, I would have missed out submitting a form. UKVI will not be forgiving if you have forgotten to include something. If you're lucky they will contact you and ask you to send it, which will delay your application. If you're not lucky, you'll be rejected. Application check list/ table of contents

2. Package your product

The UKVI office sees hundreds of applications. I imagine it can be quite tedious and dull. Package your information, clearly and neatly. We put ours in a binder with clear pouches. We included a table of contents on the first page and then labelled each section so that it was clear for the officers to navigate.

3. Power of attorney for customs

If you are using UPS you will need to fill out and include a power of attorney form. This gives UPS the right to handle your documents. Don't be like me and show up to UPS without it. You will have to go home and come back again! LINK to them form.

4. prepare for 12 months

For most cases, UKVI only requires bank statements and pay slips from the past 6 months, but if it is not too much for you to supply, prepare to submit the last 12 months. As you go through your application you may realise you need 12 months worth of bank statements and pay slips, as we did. Having to call the bank or your employer again and ask for additional months can delay your submission. Plan for 12 months to save yourself stress later on.

5. Follow the rules & assume nothing

It does not matter if you are American, Chinese, South African; if you have no savings or $1 million is your bank account. UKVI goes "by the book". You will not be "the exception", the UK does not work that way. Follow the rules and requirements for your visa type to the "T". Also be sure to look out for any recent updates or changes to requirements.

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