About Me

I like to say that I was "born in NY and built in Asia" because at the age of 22 with two suitcases and a degree in Theater Arts I moved from NY to Bangkok.   There I made a niche for myself in the performing arts creating the brands Broadway Babe and Musical Theatre for KIDS.  This later led to contracts singing in luxury hotels in the region. 


In 2014 my life changed and as people sometimes do, I fell in love.

Finally, in 2018 I applied for a partner visa through UKVI. 

The process was expensive, long and full of paperwork! 


In September 2018, I started a full-time MBA at the University of Warwick's business school, WBS so I also understand the stresses of coming to the UK as a student. 


My partner and I both learned a lot through each process and wanted to share this "knowledge" with you, whether you are considering the move or already in the "thick of it".  


Kindly note, I am not an immigration lawyer and I do not work for the government.

Please make any final decisions based on official advise from UKVI or your lawyer.